How old do you have to be to raft with BRO on the Black River?
Our minimum age is 14.  If you have younger rafters, we will happily recommend other rivers that are more suitable for them.
How many people do you need to book a trip?
You can certainly come rafting by yourself, but it’s always more fun with family and friends!  We can accommodate the smallest group of 1 to a larger group of 80+!  We enjoy catering to friends & families, colleagues, camps, school groups and even platoons of soldiers.
We’ve never been rafting before - will you show us what to do?
You bet we will!  Our trip starts with a thorough safety discussion and includes ample instruction and practice time before we hit the whitewater.
What’s included with your trip?
Ice cream! BRO provides all your necessary gear (life jacket, helmet & paddle), a NYS Licensed Guide in every raft, as well as the shuttle back from the takeout. We also provide complimentary ice cream after each trip! Did we mention the free ice cream? 
What do we wear?
Raft naked, it adds color to your cheeks! (these stickers are available in our shop, but they don’t represent our dress code!) During the warmer summer months, a t-shirt, shorts and an old pair of sneakers or water shoes will be all you need. Don’t be afraid to throw in a windbreaker for the cooler days. For the colder conditions, you should plan on wearing a wetsuit. You may bring your own, or you can rent one at our base. A bathing suit or synthetic long underwear can be worn underneath.  Make sure you remember to bring a dry set of clothes and a dry pair of shoes with you - because yes, you will get wet!
Do we have to paddle?
Of course you do!  Rafting is a team sport, and one that involves navigating the raft through the rapids.  This is not a float trip.  You will be asked to paddle, and how much will depend on the intensity of each rapid.  Whitewater rafting is an active sport that requires some exertion on your part. 
How long is the trip?
Not long enough!  Time flies when you're having a good time! Our trip typically lasts around 3 hours.  The actual duration depends on water levels, number of rafts, and how much playing we do on the river.  
Can we bring stuff on the river with us?
Do you really need to have it?  We discourage bringing any unnecessary items on the river.   Space in the raft is limited, and we prefer to keep it as uncluttered as possible.  If there’s something you’ve really gotta have, let us know and we will try to accommodate it. 
Can we take pictures?
You sure can! Waterproof cameras are allowed, however you bring them at your own risk. This is a picturesque river and we will spend time outside of the raft at the halfway point - a great time to take those group shots! BRO offers an action packed photo slideshow of your adventure after the trip, and photo CD’s will be available for purchase.
Can we tip our guide?
Absolutely! If they showed you a good time - feel free to show them your appreciation.
What does Class III/IV mean?
It’s the real deal! Most rapids are rated ranging from Class I (easiest) to Class VI (too intense to be rafted commercially). Class III/IV is a solid, exciting, and challenging level of whitewater.
When is the best time to go rafting?
Anytime! River levels vary throughout the season depending on rain and other factors. If you're looking for a hang-on-to-your-hats, high adventure trip, May and early June are typically the best. If you want warm water with plenty of thrills and lots of river play, late June through mid October might be better. The Black has some of the best whitewater in the East, boasting reliable whitewater even during the usually drier months. There really isn’t a bad time to raft on the Black!
How many people will be in the raft?
That depends - how many days has it been since you showered last?  Our rafts can hold as few as four and as many as nine. Group combinations and sizes, water levels and even weather conditions are all considered when grouping and assigning crews. You will not be separated from your group, however larger groups will need to divide into smaller groups.
Do I need to know how to swim?
The ability to swim is not required. However, if you are especially apprehensive in and around water, you may want to consider another type of adventure. You may unexpectedly find yourself out of the raft, and in some cases, you will be expected to help yourself get back to the raft. A PFD is worn at all times.
Can I get off the river if I don’t like it?
Certainly. If at any time the trip seems a little too much for you, just let your guide know and he/she can arrange for you to be shuttled back to our base at the next available access point. Note that not all locations on the river are as easily accessible as others and you may need to continue until a suitable access area is reached. 
This is safe - right?
Rafting is full of excitement and adventure. As with any active outdoor sport, there are inherent risks to whitewater rafting and there are factors that are beyond our control. You will be asked to acknowledge this by signing a release of liability waiver form before your trip. Our training programs are ongoing and we are committed to delivering the safest trips possible. Please feel free to view and/or print and fill out the form prior to your arrival. (Please click here to download and familiarize yourself with this form.)

Have more questions? Feel free to give us a call!   1-888-960-4BRO